Physical Surveillance

Foto: Carlos VidalWe offer surveillance services authorized by the Superintendent’s Office of Surveillance and Private Security through seven strategic partners:

1. Sedecol

2. Expertos Seguridad

3. Secure Solution Colombia - G4S

4. Atlas Seguridad

5. Seguridad Record de Colombia

6. Miro Seguridad - Segurcol

7. Seguridad Las Américas.

 Our portfolio is available in these areas:

  • Physical Security
  • Mobile Security
  • Canine Security
  • Security Escort for staff and goods
  • Monitoring of alarms
  • Armed and unarmed security
  • Security by technology
  • Dispatch events to the 123 emergency hotline, with support 24 hours a day.
  • Support with a system of video surveillance of the city
  • Using community-based alarms
  • Permanent consulting on physical security and design of security plans.
  • Risk analysis

Main Clients:

  • Municipality of Medellín
  • Secretary of Education of Medellín
  • Inder Medellín
  • Empresas Varias of Medellín
  • Administrative Services of Medellín
  • The Office of the Secretary of Government of Medellín
  • Municipality of Copacabana
  • Metrosalud
  • The Transport Terminal of Medellín


  • Calle 16 No. 41-210
    Oficina 106 Edificio La Compañía


Monday to Friday
7:30 a.m. a 12:30 m
1:30 p.m. a 5:30 p.m.

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