Who we are

We are the only industrial and commercial state enterprise assigned to the issues of public safety in urban settings.

Being regulated by private law enables immediate responses to customer requirements, and the simplification of procedures and the economy in acquiring goods and services.

Established in 1982, the ESU has accumulated a long trajectory and experience working in settings of acute urban conflicts caused by insecurity and violence.

Historical Review


Established by the City Council of Medellín from the Metropolitan Security – METROSEGURIDAD, through Agreement No. 25, with legal status, administrative autonomy and independent resources. Among its objectives are defined:

“The procurement of goods and services necessary for the construction, purchase, maintenance, operation and renovation of property, equipment and other items directly connected to the security of public safety, to be used to contribute to the development of the plans and programs that would be designed by official security agencies providing efficient and timely activities designed to ensure the full and comprehensive security of citizens.”


By Decree 178, the Metropolitan Security - METROSEGURIDAD transforms into an Industrial and Commercial State Enterprise at the municipal level, which aims to:

“Obtain resources, with public or private entities, national or international, to be assigned to the efforts in supporting logistical and institutional tasks for the security agencies, the armed forces and for police, applying them to the development of plans and programs and projects that are designed by such agencies and the Municipality of Medellín, for the efficient and timely delivery of activities to ensure comprehensive security of citizens."


The Board of Directors of the Entity under Agreement No. 033 of September 9, 2010, amends the name of the Metropolitan Security- METROSEGURIDAD to Empresa para la Seguridad Urbana- ESU (Urban Safety Enterprise- USE), as well as its mission, vision, and structure of the Board of Directives.

Business Divisions:
We work through five business divisions:

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  • Calle 16 No. 41-210
    Oficina 106 Edificio La Compañía


Monday to Friday
7:30 a.m. a 12:30 m
1:30 p.m. a 5:30 p.m.

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